If you are lucky enough to have a garden, then getting outside with your children, rain or shine, is a great way to keep active, and get in touch with nature. Both of which help maintain a positive wellbeing.

But, YOU DON'T NEED A GARDEN! All of these things can be done in flower pots at home, or at the park.

Here's what we used and ways you can adapt:

Watering the flowers


This encourages your child to understand how plants grow, spatial awareness and build up that upper body strength carrying the can.

Why not: take a water bottle to the park and water the plants there.

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Heading 1


This too encourages the understanding of a plants life-cycle, problem solving and spatial awareness. This is also a full body workout. You try squatting for 5 minutes, digging with a trowel as big as your arm!

Why not: take a trowel to the park and plant some seeds there.

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Planting seeds


This can be done anywhere. You just need an old food box, some soil and some seeds. This is great for the development of fine motor skills as you can see the finger and thumb being used to pick up the seeds.

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