Storytime needs to be fun. In order to create a lifetime reader, you need to help your child build a positive relationship with storytime. We've come up with a few ways to do this:

1. Use funny voices

This will help bring the characters to life and spark your child's imagination.

​2. Use props.

This too will help bring the stories to life. This is especially helpful when reading to children that have trouble concentrating.

3. Use the kids.

Ask your children to play the different characters from the stories and act them out. This is great fun and a good way of helping them further understand story structure.

Another important thing to do during story-time, is to encourage your child to really think about the words that are written on the page. We have created a list of questions that you might find helpful at story-time.

Before reading:

1. Looking at the cover, what do you think this book might be about?


2. What do you think will happen in the story?


3. How do you think this story will end?

After reading:

1. Can you remember what the story was called?


2. Can you tell me what happened in this story?


3. Who was/were your favourite characters in the story?


4. How did it make you feel when ………did………?