Den building has lots of advantages for your child's development. In this seemingly simple activity, your child is developing; problem solving skills, spatial awareness, creativity, fine and gross motor skills, among many others. Letting your child build the den themselves will provide the most learning, but they can still get a lot out of it if they need your help. We made a very simple one, but the possibilities are endless. 

We used:

Some boxes

Heading 1


As you can see, we made a very simple den, but it's still a popular little hideout! 

Early Years Toolkit

The possibilities are endless with extending this activity, but a few examples are:

  • Using pegs to hold the blankets up, which will develop fine motor skills.

  • Ask for a drawn design of the den beforehand, for extra creativity and problem solving, as they put their design to the test.

  • Ask them to describe the inside as they develop their spatial awareness skills.