Things you will need:

Toy cars


  • Trains

  • Balls

  • Beads

Early Years Toolkit

Poster tube


  • Kitchen roll tube

  • Flat cardboard

  • Rolled up cardboard

Early Years Toolkit

Large paper


  • Masking tape

  • Ruler

Early Years Toolkit
Early Years Toolkit

Rest one end of the tube on a table and the other on the floor.

Lay the paper out from the end of the tube and mark as many measurements as you like (they don't need to be real measurements - numbers 1 to 5 would do).

Drop the cars down the tube and see how far they travel.

Ask them to call out the number it reaches. (If they are not ready for yet, seeing these in print, representing increasingly greater values is a great foundation for their number recognition)

Ways to extend:

  • Reach greater numbers on the paper.

  • Experiment with different weights and shapes dropped down the tube.

  • See what happens when you adjust the angle of the tube.